For the snowmobile rider who is seeking an adventure that offers fantastic trails, beautiful scenery and cozy places to stay the province of Quebec offers many different choices for you the rider. The crew of STV got together with Craig Nicolson, the Intrepid Snowmobiler and journeyed to the Lanaudiere region in the province. This vast region is located between Montreal and Quebec City and has over 4,800 km of snowmobile trails.

What a great way to combine work with pleasure. Gather up a bunch of friends, bring your work materials out with you, wrap a dozen sleds and then go play in the powder, one sweet adventure in Revelstoke British Columbia.

Snowmobiler TV Showtimes for the new 2015 season.

 Riders who are looking for a western adventure have numerous choices as to where they can go for some backcountry mountain riding.