Jeremy Girard from Kimpex talks with us about what makes Kimpex successful in the after market business. Here are the details.
One of the most popular events at the Whitecourt World Snowmobile Invasion was the Octane Addiction Freestyle show. Here are the details.
The World Snowmobile Invasion held in Whitecourt Alberta tries to set a world record for snowmobiles in a parade. Here are the details.
After all the adversity, almost 3,600km's. and a change in the race route Cain's Quest reaches a dramatic conclusion. Here are the details.
Phil and Mike get the sled ready for off season storage. Stabilizing the fuel system, fogging the engine and cleaning the sled are all in your best interest for parking the sled for the summer. Here are the details.
The race teams reach Churchill Falls as the race is now setting up for the run for the finish. Here are the details.
Phil loads his truck full of parts and accessories and heads off to a summer sled swap to have some fun, then later visits some grass drags. Here are the details.
Whitecourt Alberta is hosting the World Snowmobile Challenge. We sent our crew out to explore the area before the event kicks off. Watch to see what they have to say about riding in and around Whitecourt. Here are the details.
Pat Marion from Arctic Cat demonstrates the versatility of the Bear Cat Groomer Special. Here are the details.
The racers are re-routed back through Happy Valley Goose Bay and leave the rugged conditions of the coastline behind them. Here are the details.